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When dedication becomes a need love, is that it doesn't matter, in your birthday, accept my distant and deeply wishes!


In this special day, I want to say I'm so glad, time hasn't changed our friendship, I wish you a fun birthday.


Every creature's birth to this colorful world adds a color, and you are the most beautiful a pen. I wish you a happy birthday!


Dad, I want to you, is not only for today, today is your birthday, although I in other place, but my heart has to fly back to your side!


Sound blessing, deep friendship, please convey all this, the stream passing your house for you. Bless your birthday.


Every year, today, is my most worried about your day. Let my blessing, like a wisp of a brilliant sun, flowing in your eye, happy birthday!


I have no colorful flowers, not romantic poetry, no gifts, no exciting surprise, only gently wishes, happy birthday to you!


Of ordinary I, you, the hope of home; Like water, light life, achievement the tale of love; Wife, I wish you a happy birthday!


To bless with you, in your colorful life journey, and in your dream spring on the border. I wish you: happy! Happiness! Happy birthday!


Innocent youth, youth romantic, flower season without a time together, but I will never forget your special day, I wish you a happy birthday!


Today is your birthday, my love, thank you for your toil, thank you for giving me the concern, understanding and support. All my love to you!


Although letters is so rare, back and forth together time is so short, but each other's friendship tie us tightly. I wish a happy birthday!


May your birthday be filled with boundless joy, may your memories today be warm ones. May your dreams today sweet, may your contentment this year!


Today the world more wonderful to have you, have you more brilliant, the stars today because you more warm, human today because of you I feel more happy!


I think health and happiness is one of the most important two things in life, sincerely wish health and happiness accompany you forever, happy birthday!


That you are happy, happy, happy birthday, because today is your birthday, my heart is as happy as you are happy! I wish you a happy birthday


No sweet cake, bean red wine, rich gifts, birthday melodious song, don't be sorry, you have the world's most sincere blessing, happy birthday!


At this moment, have my deepest thoughts. Let cloud wisher to bless with full intention, embellish your sweet dream, wish you have a warm and romantic birthday!


Special love, give special you, let my blessing like the sunshine with you, sincerely wish health and happiness accompany you forever, happy birthday!


Because of your coming, the day became a beautiful day, from now on the world, then many a wipe attractive color. Friends, I wish you a happy birthday!


The rush of time, time goes by. Never leg colour is a blessing; It will never change is friendship. I deeply wish you: happy birthday happy! Until forever.


Thank god in today gave me a special gift, is you. Long long journey, accompany with you is the happiness of my life. Dear, I wish you a happy birthday!


Your birthday is ha honey I is melon, don't you stupid fellow melons, see a text laugh, not the kui is a ha melon! I wish you: read the text laugh, happy birthday!


With full of my love, happy birthday to you, is you make my life had meaning, my love for you can't express in words, want to enjoy life with you every day.


Is you make my life had meaning, my love for you can't express in words, want to enjoy life with you every day. With full of my love, I wish you a happy birthday!


You had a pair of wings. Tough to fly, don't be convinced by wind and rain; Sincerely fly, don't be beguiled by sweet honey. Toward the clear goal, flew to the good life.


Happy birthday! Let me bless for you, let me laugh for you, because in your birthday today, my heart is also happy with you the same jubilation! I wish you a happy birthday!


On this special day, I have no other words, just want you to know, every year today, you will receive my blessing, feel my love, love you forever!


Twinkling candlelight shine on your cheeks, although small, but it can be extended to the far, blow out the candles, make a wish, let all over the sky star all bless for you.


My love, every poet of beauty, the beauty of your god fly memories more poets. But the beauty is change ah, I love you forever infinite shore. The husband, happy birthday!


Wish you are the wind, take a white sail; Wish you are the ship, split the blue waves. Life is in front of you smile, boldly stepped forward, life will be colorful.


Poor can't afford to drink water, poor to pay my fee, poor to eat rice, poor leaves bowl, the poor are all tired, poor leaves the mouth; Generous clockwork information: I wish you a happy birthday.


At this time very sweet, away from a glass of wine to you, together with my best wishes, not expensive, precious. Wish you have a sweet sweet and happy birthday.


Flowers again beautiful, also can not compare with your beauty, candied sweet again, also ratio not your sweet birthday cake today, birthday, you been faithful friends I wish you a happy birthday! Forever young!


At this time very sweet, away from a glass of wine to you, along with my best wishes? Gift is not expensive, precious. Wish you have a sweet sweet, happy birthday.


Annual birthday, at this moment, I wish you a happy heart is full and filled with gifts in hand! Deep feeling ground say to you: baby, happy birthday! May be your most beautiful memories!


Enterprisesin if life is a disease of the car, and let you pass every station is a good thing, on this special day, I wish you a happy birthday! Don't lack money, smile!


Hope the best blessing and joy, full of your upcoming year. From your heart to my heart. Let us through the flowers, all the way in the New Year, wishing you and auspicious well-being.


Two green leaf, full of same-rooted born of friendship; A word of greeting, enrichment my blessing to you. May happiness hug you, in this belongs to your special day, happy birthday!


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